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Hostage - dangerkids

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Исполнитель: dangerkids

Название песни: Hostage

Продолжительность mp3: 03:47

Дата добавления: 2015-03-11

Текст просмотрен: 666


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Текст песни:

i've got nowhere left to hide
no time left for a compromise
do i push back harder than i have before
or just fall if i can't decide?
that danger is real, i feel it all the time
so i wear it in the name to remind me why
everything i gave up or i left behind
just to be where i am tonight, yeah

but you can't touch me, i can't be touched
you can't hold me, the weight's too much
you can't buy me, i have no price
i have no backup, i have no crutch
one last attempt, all-out attack
and if you push me, i'll push you back
and should i fall, you'll go down with me
make sure you remember that

do you have what it takes to loosen the vice?
you live the excuse but it comes with a price
if you've got nothing at all
you've got nothing to lose
if you're too scared to choose
then what are you waiting for?

there's nothing left inside of me
cause i've given everything
you see it in my eyes
i'm ready to die
i'm ready to die for this

so give me your worst

you have to decide what sets you apart
if passion is dead or defines who you are
you can forgive, but never forget
if you're scared of the scars
then you're already dead
you're already dead

so say the worst thing
the worst thing you can say to me

this is what it all comes down to
you either bend or you break
will you destroy what destroys you?
if you give it all up they can't take it away.

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