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U Should Know - 216

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Исполнитель: 216

Название песни: U Should Know

Продолжительность mp3: 04:10

Дата добавления: 2015-07-28

Текст просмотрен: 882


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Текст песни:

216, hahaha, my niggaz, yeah!

Chorus: repeat 2X
You should know we don't play that
You should know we where them nines and A.K.'s at
It's all about the payback, you should know when you see it
How many niggaz wanna blow just to be it; that's why I think you should know

Verse One
We makin it clear, you haters beware
You got beef but then we takin it there, hope you stayin prepared
It ain't fair, we throwin tables and chairs
Or better yet we throw them thangs in the airrrr, yeah
So what you want now? Chumps better duck down
'fore we get to dumpin, pull that pump out the trunk BLAOW!
Dumb niggaz use your brains for once
Before them pigeons use your brain for lunch
Fuck around I'll rearrange your fronts, man you'll probably skip town
Gettin it how you live, where that cocky shit now, huh? (huh nigga?)
Price to pay for bein a man in charge
You can't build a rocket and expect to land on Mars (uh-uh)
See I seen your kind come and go, think you runnin the show
But you just runnin for the man that's frontin to blow (nigga)
Don't understand it then why should I stutter you fo'?
I'm just tryin to get my money to grow, c'mon


Verse Two
Yeah, revenge is sweet but to kill 'em is useless
I'd rather whoop his ass and drag him in the middle of Euclid
Ass naked wit'cha socks dirty, I coulda used a glock-30
Punched your clock early but I know your block heard me
My nigga told you dawg we takin it there
Like Jim Jones did to Mae on the air
Eyes closed, hands folded but it ain't for a prayer
You layin stiff in your casket
cause with these niggaz can get what they askin (uh-huh)
It's the year for the underdog so watch how you come across
Quiet down man, SoundScan, let them numbers talk
What's goin on in rap? I don't know
But a conspiracy here if I don't blow
I'm snatchin up the marketin staff, the publicist - let's try once mo'
Get it right or the fo'-five gon' show we mean business nigga
With that said only time'll tell
But when pressed I go at the best like I'm Bosley Wells
You should know


Verse Three
Cleveland's no longer the butt of your jokes
From now on I'm callin niggaz out in front of they folks (for real)
You could see it in our eyes that we want it
Not rhymin for enjoyment but these niggaz lives dependin on it
Damn, goddamn we deserve some hope
Instead of workin minimum wage or servin some coke
You can put this on every word that I wrote
I'm tellin you now if my squad don't advance
You got a problem on your hands nigga

Verse Four
Yeah fam you should stop the lies
I'd be rich if I had a quarter for everybody who thought 'Pac was alive
He'll live on, let his music connect us
But I wonder how he'd feel to know this white boy producin his records
? I solemnly swear
to take you back to the essence of rap if niggaz'll follow me there
Cause the game's over-crowded with squares, it's time for that to pass
Hope they hear me loud and clear with they non-rappin ass (yeah)

Chorus repeat 1.5X

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